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Dear Kathy M.,

My son and daughter were involved in a serious auto accident last April 1. My son has brain damage, primarily to the left side of his brain. He and a semi-tractor hit head on at about 55-60 miles per hour. Fortunately, he and his sister had a car with air bags. After 4 months in the hospital (3 of which were in therapy for both physical and mental difficulties). He has been an out-patient for the past 7 months, and still has problems with short-term memory, focus, hostilities towards his wife, decision making, use of his writing hand etc. I'm afraid his insurance coverage will end soon. We're trying to make a decision about where and what type of treatment he will need next. Will your program help? We're certainly open to any and all suggestions.


Kathy's Response:

Before I speculate on whether or not BRAIN BOOK® System (or any other program) could help your son, I would like to suggest that you sign up on ASSIST-TBI which is an e-mail support and discussion list for family members of persons with brain injury.

It sounds like you will need to create a home-based cognitive retraining program for your son, and the best way to do this, in my view, is to network with other families who have "walked the walk." You will then be in a better position to evaluate programs.

BRAIN BOOK System may be able to help, but I will need to learn more about your son's situation. I will help in any way I can. Thanks for writing.

Kathy M.

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