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Dear Kathy M.,

Hi- please help me, if possible. I am trying to locate the name of a rehab facility, I believe in New York, for those with TBI who were previously at a high level of cognitive functioning, such as lawyers or doctors. I recall reading an article in Reader's Digest about this place. Supposedly this place is very good at using cognitive retraining strategies. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


Kathy's Response:

Dear Nita,

I suspect you are thinking of the Rusk Institute. I do not know if they specialize in working with people who were previously "high functioning" or not, but a physician who went there, wrote a book, and as a result, I believe they are geting more inquiries from people who had high powered careers prior to their injury. This may have been written up in Reader's Digest too, I do not recall. Their web site is:

You may want to join TBI-WORKING too. It's an e-mail list for people with brain injury who are back to work, and some of them (us) are professionals. Just e-mail me back and I'll sign you up if you're interested ( Keep networking, and stay in touch.

Hope this helps,
Kathy M.

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