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Dear Kathy M.,

Dear Kathy M.

My niece was in a bad car wreck back on November 19, 2000 in Alabama and has been in the UAB Hospital in Birmingham. We are having a hard time finding a Rehab Center for her. What we think and call a "response" the people there say's she's not having any. At first she was responsive before they put her in a drug induced coma. She had bleeding on both sides of her brain and swelling and she's only been awake for a three weeks. She also has some brain stem injury, but how bad I don't know. She's awake but just sits there and sometimes will turn her head at the sound of someone's voice. The commands they want her to do are things like sticking out her tongue or lifting one arm when commanded to.

We are at wits end on trying to find a Rehab for here that close by our home and who will take Medicaid. I say she's in there just need help in reaching out.

Thank you.

Kathy's Response:

Dear Julie,

Have you asked the case manager or the social worker at the facility your niece is in about rehabilitation options? They should have access to resources.

Another option is to contact your state's Brain Injury Association, or a local brain injury support group. Both your state association and the national association can be found at the web site for the Brain Injury Association of America: There is also a list of rehabilitation centers at address.

Some people find Internet support groups to be helpful, as well. I facilitate a list for families called ASSIST-TBI. Networking with others who are walking the same walk can not only be very helpful in terms of finding resources, but also for helping with all the emotional issues that go along with helping a loved one.

Kathy M.

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